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  • Delivery Information
    • -Our delivery scheduling system allows for a two (2) day lead time on deliveries (not including Sundays).
    • -We cannot mix different bulk products on the same truck.  Please use one delivery charge per product type.  
    • -Maximum per truck delivery 
      • - 12 yards mulch 
      • - 10 yards stone
  • Loading Policy
    • Loading of materials on premises is done at customer’s own risk.  We make every effort to load your vehicle with appropriate care, but cannot prevent scratches, dents or other mishaps because of loading heavy and awkward materials.  We recommend making other arrangements if this is a concern.  Bulk Stone, Mulch, Topsoil and Sands are loaded heavy.

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A Bison Nursery Gift Certificate gives people the time and luxury to choose exactly what they want!  Great for green thumbs and people who don’t consider themselves gardeners.  We promise they will find something they will love! If you are looking for the perfect gift (even better, one you don’t have to wrap), think of a Bison Nursery gift certificate. Gift Certificates can be used in any area of the greenhouse or market. Plus, they are available in any denomination! If you or your recipient is out of town, we can mail the gift certificate on your behalf.  Stop in today, or call us at 716-630-9767.

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