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Pottery & Garden Accessories

Pottery & Accessories

Need some pottery or accessories for your garden? Stop by our shop and see what we have to offer!

Inspire Your Imagination

Our gift shop is integrated within our greenhouse to inspire your gardening creativity. We are constantly updating our garden décor selection to keep up with the latest trends, and always have classic items in stock. Unique ideas for birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, relocation and hostess occasions run from the very modest to truly extravagant..

From large to small, modern to traditional, ceramic to plastic, Bison Nursery has an expansive selection of pottery and containers. Ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance in finding the right pot for you, as well as the proper care for your new piece. We also carry alternatives to traditional ceramic pottery, such as high-end plastics, and fiber-ceramic designs. We know that big things really do come in small packages. We can't help but share the enthusiasm for our dwarf, "itsy-bitsy" plants that are perfect for miniature and fairy gardens.

We carry a wide variety of garden accessories, including:


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Fairy Gardens

We offer a variety of Fairy Gardens!

Trees & Shrubs

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Garden Products

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Gift Cards Information

A Bison Nursery Gift Certificate gives people the time and luxury to choose exactly what they want!  Great for green thumbs and people who don’t consider themselves gardeners.  We promise they will find something they will love! If you are looking for the perfect gift (even better, one you don’t have to wrap), think of a Bison Nursery gift certificate. Gift Certificates can be used in any area of the greenhouse or market. Plus, they are available in any denomination! If you or your recipient is out of town, we can mail the gift certificate on your behalf.  Stop in today, or call us at 716-630-9767.

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