Trees & Shrubs

We invite you to tour our extensive nursery filled with high quality trees, shrubs and grasses. Throughout the spring, summer and fall, our nursery is exploding with a vast array of trees and shrubs of all sizes.

Our trees are grown by the finest of nurserymen and given supreme care all the way from our facilities to our customer’s doorstep. Depending on what is in stock, we offer well over 200 different tree species. The species offered range from the stately Oak to the diminutive Globe Arborvitae. We offer types of trees for every need. You will find a tree species that can fill a fall landscape with gorgeous color or find a tree that does not shed its leaves for those who despise raking. Our trees provide boundary delineation, windbreaks, privacy, or evergreen trees. Planting a tree for any need is rewarded on at least two levels: 1) The beauty of our environment is enhanced and 2) The tree helps provide for a cleaner atmosphere. 

Our flowering shrubs, shade and flowering trees, evergreens, dwarf and unusual conifers create a planter's palette. We are sure to have the right plant for you.

Evergreen trees offer year round color. Evergreen provide wonderful color in landscapes that are devoid of color due to cold weather, dry weather, or barren ground. Evergreen trees are versatile and can be used as specimens, hedges, privacy screens and windbreaks. These stars of the winter landscape provide color and structure all year.  Larger types may be used as wind screens.  If you are a bird lover, plant an evergreen.  You will have visitors all year. Evergreens are one of the lowest maintenance choices for the landscape. However, they will perform much better with regular watering, especially during winter months.

Shade trees are usually the first plant chosen for the front and back yards of new homes. Shade trees reduce heating and cooling costs of houses and buildings and increase property values. The stature, strength, and their potential for long life provide a sense of permanence and as living memorials for the residents who planted and nurtured the shade tree. These are the big guys!  The trees listed below need some room to put down roots and spread their branches. They are the large, stately trees that will eventually provide you with shade and possibly a place to hang a hammock!

Ornamental trees are described as trees that grows less than 25 feet tall, usually having a define feature, such as flowers, unique foliage, notable bark, or a form of branching that is eye catching. Ornamentals often have unique features that are notable thru-out the seasons attracting natural wild life, birds and butterflies. GREAT things come in small packages. Smaller in stature than shade trees, ornamentals have a more narrow spread making them easier to fit in small yards. Often, they add landscape interest in the form of flowers, fruit, or fall color.

We also carry a large and diverse selection of Shrubs and Ornamental Grasses:

  • Evergreen Shrubs – great as border or foundation plantings and provide year round color
  • Deciduous/Flowering Shrubs – the core of every great garden provides the dazzle and individuality that makes your garden stand out
  • Ornamental Grasses – grasses are both majestic and functional in the landscape.

Decidious/Flowering Shrubs

Shrubs help add structure to the garden. They vary from small spreading groundcover types to large specimens that can grow 12 feet or more. As you consider which to plant, know that many offer more than one season of interest. These woody plants can flower, produce ornamental or edible berries, offer colorful foliage or even spectacular fall color.

Deciduous shrubs are those that lose their leaves in fall and winter. The flowers and foliage emerge in the spring providing color and landscape interest. A properly selected group of shrubs gives interest to the landscape throughout the year.

Evergreen Shrubs

A plant that has leaves in all seasons is called an evergreen. There is a great selection of evergreen trees and shrubs. New leaves are constantly growing while old ones shed. Evergreens can keep our gardens looking beautiful all year round, including sun loving, shade loving and flowering. Many attract wildlife while others are deer resistant. There are two types of evergreen shrubs for our area, broadleaf types (think ‘leafy’ such as boxwood and holly) and needled types (think pine and juniper).  Since both hold onto their foliage in winter,  be sure to give them water for best results.  Also, make sure you site your shrub in the location it prefers. Some prefer morning sun in protected locations while others can take exposed, sunny spots.

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses bring great richness of texture, variety, and beauty to set off your finest flowers. These are the darlings of garden designers and are easy to grow and maintain.  Grasses add interest to a garden by changing with the seasons. They don't disappear; instead, they evolve throughout the year. One season brings the striking foliage, then perhaps the elegant plume of bloom, and in the fall, another look as the plant prepares for the winter. All make wonderful accents in the garden.

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