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Our gift shop is integrated within our greenhouse to inspire your gardening creativity. We are constantly updating our garden décor selection to keep up with the latest trends, and always have classic items in stock. Unique ideas for birthday, anniversary, promotion, retirement, relocation and hostess occasions run from the very modest to truly extravagant.

We carry a wide variety of garden accessories, including:

garden pots • terrarium supplies • message stones • statuary • stepping stones • angels • fairy garden items • shepherd’s hooks • trellises • fountains • other outdoor garden ornaments

From large to small, modern to traditional, ceramic to plastic, Bison Nursery has an expansive selection of pottery and containers.  Ask our knowledgeable staff for assistance in finding the right pot for you, as well as the proper care for your new piece. We also carry alternatives to traditional ceramic pottery, such as high-end plastics, and fiber-ceramic designs.

We know that big things really do come in small packages. We can't help but share the enthusiasm for our dwarf, "itsy-bitsy" plants that are perfect for miniature and fairy gardens. When you think of miniature gardening, think of life-sized gardening, just on a smaller scale! 

Miniature gardening can include plant-only terrariums, fairy gardens, miniature-patios, and container gardens - the only limit is your imagination. We have a wide selection of plants that are specifically grown for miniature gardens; slow growing varieties for either indoor or outdoor use.

In our Greenhouse, we have a variety of fairy garden plants, succulents, cacti and accessories to make your miniature world come to life. Whether you are looking to create a realm full of fairies and gnomes, or a simple miniature plant garden, you will a variety of options in our expansive miniature gardening section.

So take time to explore and relax in our greenhouse setting where you’re sure to discover something new and fresh!